Checkpoint port list

TCP 256: CA and DH key exchange, net topology fetch on older SC versions, and port used to push policy to remote firewalls.

TCP 257: Logging

TCP 258: Mgt console listens for remote GUI connections

TCP 259: Client Auth via telnet

UDP 259: manages encrypted sessions

UDP 260: SNMP for the Checkpoint daemon

TCP 262: Single Sign-on daemon.

TCP 264: SC topology fetch.


TCP 900: HTTP client auth.

TCP 4532: Session Auth agent

TCP 18181: Content Vectoring Protocol

TCP 18182: URL Filtering Protocol.

TCP 18183: Suspecious Activity Monitoring for IPS.

TCP 18186: SIC between OPSEC products and the gateway.

TCP 18190: Gateway listens for management clients.

TCP 18191: CPD process for communications such as policy installation and certificate revocation.

TCP 18192: CPD monitoring


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